Specializing in
Fine Art Oil Portraiture

by commission

Patrice Hudson at:
Fox Point, Wisconsin

"I was overwhelmed by the beauty and the professionalism and the artistic merit of Patrice Hudson's work. The size in itself was overwhelming ... I just found it to be very humbling, to see her capture what I thought was a pretty vivid, colorful and warm presentation of me."

~ His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan

"Patrice, it was a complete pleasure to work with you! What a gifted artist and wonderful person you are. You were so patient and accommodating with our young children and our dog, capturing not only their physical appearance, but their personality also! The final product is something we will treasure for a lifetime."

~ Nancy and Raj G.

"Patrice, Thank you so much! We love our new painting! It’s classic, timeless and incredibly lifelike from every angle. The process was fun, of course, because you are so thoughtful and professional. Having our family portrait painted was an investment in the quality of family life, not just the painting although that is an amazing reward."

~ Renee and Craig O.

"Patrice, you captured the essence of our Nicole in such a special way, and with such a high degree of realism! We can almost sense her presence when we enter the room. Thank you!"

~ Kim G.

"…Taking the time to "freeze" a moment of your family's life by having a portrait painted is never on the top of a family's "to do" list. Once it is done however, you will be forever thankful that you took the time to do so. Patrice, you captured one sweet moment in our children's lives that we will have forever. Many thanks."

~ Tim and Nancy H.